Our Mission

We aspire to increase accessibility of healthy foods for all people. Our team is here to prove that fruits are pretty cool.

chef 2.jpg

Jen Chan

The Chef

Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Almond

While being the monkey in the kitchen, Chef Jen is also the bananas one leading the charge on Banato operations. Running Banato isn’t a piece of cake (namely because there is no added sugar in Banato), so you will see her popping up everywhere. From being the makeshift delivery gal to handing out samples, she is the Chef of Many Hats. 


Melanie Iverson

The Creative Genius

Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Almond

The artistic genius of Chief Creative Officer Melanie is truly one in a melon. From the beginning, she has played an important role by creating Banato’s logo, nana, and heck, even the coupon cards! Outside of Banato, Melanie is, to put it lightly, a berry big deal. She happens to also run a plant business, design agency, and is a competitive Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu athlete. Basically, she is superwoman.


Erik Khamphouy

The Customer Hero

Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Banana

The pear-fect champion for our customers is none other than Chief Customer Officer Erik. Pre-global pandemic, Erik was the man at the stand bringing in folks to try Banato. Once the going got tough, the tough got going and Erik heroically built an entire portal to bring customers to our online space and continues to fight for our customers. Aside from Banato, Erik is an actor, comedian, model, and one of those guys with too many titles to count. 


Don Dye

The Strategy Mastermind

Favorite Flavor: Toasted Coconut

With one look, you can’t help but ap-peach-iate  the brilliance of Chief Growth Officer Don. From creating a masterful social media plan to creating Instagram-worthy images of Banato, Don took our company from potato to star(fruit) status. Don is a man of many talents from his data analytic skills to culinary expertise. He is truly, a cherrific guy. 


Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a comedian who got drafted into a beauty pageant. In the midst of preparing for this absurdly random competition, Banato was created - A treat with no dairy or added sugars. All of Banato's sweetness comes from fruit!

Hundreds of batches later, we are excited to bring Banato to your door.

Follow our journey @Go.Banato