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Our Feed 150 Families Campaign

Food deserts in the south side of Chicago are left increasingly stranded due to impacts of COVID-19 and damage from looting on 5/30 and 5/31. For the next three weeks, we will be bringing fresh groceries to these communities.

Donations raised via our GoFundMe will be used to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to 150 families in impacted communities on the south side of Chicago. Our care packages will be filled with Bananas, carrots, onions, and other fresh and nutritious items. These items sound simple, but food pantries often lack fresh produce!

Banato will be donating grocery items to the St. Columbanus Food Pantry which will ensure that these items will reach families in need. Operational since 2004, the St. Columbanus Food Pantry provides food to 500 families per week and has continued serving the community through this crisis. Donations this time are especially important as a major food donor will be ending donations to St. Columbanus on 6/12.

Banato is a Chicago-based food company with the mission of increasing accessibility of healthy foods to all people. Throughout this process, we will be transparent and make sure every dollar is spent towards this cause. Photos and updates will be posted on our Go Fund Me page as well as on this Banato Blog page.

Each donation of $50 will be able to feed a family for a week! With that in mind, we will give a tote bag to all donors who give $50+ as a Thank You Gift.

There are no platform fees for using GoFundMe, so 100% of the funds collected after payment processing charges will go towards the purpose of these care packages.

Thank you for joining us to support our community - for your contribution, for sharing this campaign with others, and for caring for your Chicago neighbors in this time of need!

To donate, click here to visit our Go Fund Me page

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