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Buy One, Give One Winter Gear - Partnership with Sarah's Circle

This Christmas, Banato is proud to partner with Sarah's Circle, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness for women in Chicago.

I have often thought about the vulnerability of homeless women. As women, our experiences simply walking down the street can present danger. Now, to imagine not having a safe home or shelter on top of that? Where should these women go? This is why Sarah's Circle was created.

Banato is a woman-owned business, and as the founder of Banato, I am excited that we are able to support this organization through the holiday season. With every purchase of our Banato beanies and headbands, we will donate one to women in need.

In 2019 alone, Sarah's circle helped 796 women through finding housing for them (interim and permanent) while providing other therapy services.

Thank you Banato fam for all of the love and support through this crazy year. Also, many thanks to Sarah's Circle for all of the great work you do!

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