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Standing Up for What is Right

Banato Family,

Like many of you, I read of the inhumane murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. I read of the abuse of privilege committed by Amy Cooper and felt great sadness for the 400 years of systemic oppression and injustice towards our black community members. My stance on this is clear: Banato will stand with our black community and will fight with them for equality and justice.

I do not believe in empty words or fluffy statements. As the founder of Banato, I believe that actions are greater than words and our company will actively stand for humility within our criminal justice system. Here are the immediate steps I took as an ally to this cause:

· Within a social media video statement on May 31st, I stated our stance to support our black community. At our stand later that day, as a representation of solidarity, we crafted a message on our easel sign calling for equal justice.

· On June 6th, I personally delivered approximately 60 Banato Pops and Bars and cases of water to two Black Lives Matter Protests and marched in solidarity with protesters to peacefully protest police brutality, racism, and bias.

These items are not bragging points but a call for reform. The road ahead will be difficult, but I will not waiver to continue our support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Jennifer Chan, Banato Founder

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