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As an Asian-American food founder, this year has been an incredibly difficult one. While fighting through the impacts of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry as a whole, xenophobia has also been a lingering presence. From getting yelled at by strangers in cars to watching potential customers walk in the middle of the road to avoid going near me at my stand, I am not a stranger to this rise in Anti-Asian Hate. Sadly, this rise of xenophobia is continuing. It is time for change.

I hope that we, as a company, are able to be part of this solution. Banato proudly supports our AAPI Community and stands in solidarity with #StopAsianHate.

Here are a few steps you can take to show support to the AAPI Community during these difficult times:

  • Raise awareness & advocate allyness

  • Safely be an active bystander, attend a virtual training:

  • Volunteer

+ Help elderly Asians by escorting/helping with errands

+ Join a blockwatch

  • Report hatecrimes through these resources:

  • Support your local AAPI owned Small Businesses

I am grateful to all of our wonderful customers and friends for giving our company love and support. It is thanks to you, we are able to keep going. We will keep fighting onwards and forward.

With Love,

Jen Chan, Banato Founder

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